EZ Base NCB Non-cementitious base coat
Acrylic Finish Coats Acrylic Synthetic Finish Coats
Foam N' Base Coat Adhesive Base coat / adhesive
Liquid Acrylic Additive Liquid Acrylic Additive
Reinforcing Mesh Fiberglass reinforcing mesh
Plastain Acrylic faux stain for a variety of surfaces
Plastone Synthetic interior/exterior veneer plaster
Premium Fibered Stucco Premium stucco coating
Renaissance Plaster Water based sanded acrylic emulsion
Sticky Mesh Self adhesive fiberglass reinforcing mesh
Stucco Bond Water based latex emulsion
T-2000 Base Coat Dry, Polymer modified cement mixture
Total Flash Flexible, rubberized, weather resistant material
Total Glaze 2000 100% acrylic protective clear coat
Total Guard BWB Polymer-modified portland cement waterproofing
Total Prime Primer used to seal and condition prior to finishing
Total Stop RA Water based filled latex emulsion
Total Tex Water based filled latex finish
Total One Coat One Coat Stucco
Tuff II Water based sanded acrylic finishes
Total Lastic Elastomeric Coating