Total Wall is a leading national manufacturer of EIFS and Stucco products centrally located in Wisconsin. Our products include Interior and Exterior Finishes, Stucco, Coatings, Panels, Sealers, and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). Total Wall continues to expand as one of the fastest growing EIFS and Stucco manufacturers in the U.S.As EIFS construction continues to grow in popularity Total Wall remains a consistent leader in new product development product quality, and customer support.



The raw materials that go into any coatings product make an enormous diff erence in how the product performs. Total Wall’s committment to outstanding quality has always started with superior product chemistry.

  • We use the highest levels of bond promoter allowed by law;
  • Our patented DPR (Dirt Pickup Resistance) comes standard in all of our coatings;
  • We use DCOIT preservatives and we do not use phosphates;
  • Our coatings are all low VOC; and low toxicity;



Let’s face it, color is one of the most important components of any project. At Total Wall we realize that customers need their color matching done yesterday with spot on accuracy. The seasoned professionals in our color department utilize advanced propietary color matching technology to assure that colors are matched with swift precision.

  • DATACOLOR color matching;
  • On-line database of cross-matched color formulas to all national brands of paints and coatings;
  • Able to custom match any color from any coating sample or color chart.



Applicators - Becoming a listed Total Wall Applicator has never been easier! Our on-site and web based training programs are unique in the industry for their quality, and solid educational content.

Distributors - Total Wall’s distributor training programs provide engaging product education with a focused outline on how to best present Total Wall EIFS & Stucco to potential customers in your specific market.



Our comprehensive binder package is the most detailed and complete in the industry. No other manufacturer off ers such an extensive variety of sales and marketing materials!

  • Total Systems Index Binder: features detailed SPECS and system information;
  • Color Selections Binder: features large 8” by 8” fi nish coat color samples;
  • Southwest Color Selections Binder: features large 8” by 8” fi nish coat samples;
  • Texture Selections Binder: features large 8” by 8” texture samples;
  • Gemstone Selections Binder: features large 8” by 8” Gemstone color samples;
  • Color and Texture Decks: off er smaller versions of the binders;
  • Custom Samples, Mini Displays, Color Charts and more.



At Total Wall we stand behind our comittment to extraordinary product quality by off ering extensive system warranties .

  • Wide variety of comprehensive warranty options available;
  • Listed Applicator Warranty privileges;
  • Third party inspection protocols.



With over two decades of coatings industry experience, our seasoned professionals provide extensive sales and technical support, excellent follow-up and personal attention and care you deserve as a customer
or distributor.

  • Competent and expedient customer service phone support;
  • Extensive Technical Support via phone, fax, website and email;
  • On-site support and training available free of charge;
  • Webinar and on-line training available free of charge;
  • Extensive library of training and support materials;
  • Complete nationwide network of technical support representatives.